Health insurance law putting strain on public unions

health insurance rates highest and lowest

Municipalities nationwide are putting the pressure on their unions to accept cheaper benefits. Towns and cities across the United States are now placing pressure on their municipal unions to start accepting cheaper health insurance benefits ahead of an element of the implementation of one of the healthcare reform components that will place a tax on more expensive plans as of 2018. The Affordable Care Act includes a so-called “Cadillac tax”, which was created following the advice of economists. The economists argued that health insurance that was more expensive, in which…

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Health insurance application forms considerably simplified by Obama Administration

Health Insurance Reform

The documents are much shorter and easier to complete, though income details are still needed. The Obama administration has just unveiled a new and updated health insurance application form in order to enroll for benefits that is considerably shorter and easier to complete than the original massive document that had been issued. The first version of the form received numerous complaints as it was as long and confusing as a tax form. The latest draft of the health insurance benefits application is only five pages long, which includes the cover…

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Insurance news made by worker benefits study

health insurance confusion

Research shows that 89 percent of employees select the same coverage options every year. According to the results of a recent survey which are making insurance news, 54 percent of workers in the United States would opt not to gain greater control over their health plan options because they feel overwhelmed by the requirement to make this type of decision. The survey was conducted online with the participation of thousands of decision makers and workers. This was the third annual Aflac WorkForces Report and it has been making insurance news…

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Health insurance policy changes at Walmart deny coverage to some new employees

Walmart auto insurance

This sends the burden of coverage for some workers to the new healthcare system and to Medicaid. The latest updates to Walmart’s company policy have revealed that the largest employer in the United States, Walmart, will not be providing health insurance to its new hires when they will be employed for a workweek that is shorter than 30 hours. The new policy will also allow coverage to be denied to current workers if their weekly hours fall. Employees whose hours drop below the 30 hours per week mark may also…

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Consumers to receive comprehensive health insurance information

health Insurance guidelines

New regulation calls for clear and concise health insurance guides for consumers Beginning this week, U.S. health insurance companies are required to provide customers with user-friendly guides concerning the benefits they will receive through coverage. This is part of a provision of the Affordable Care Act, which aims to bring more transparency to the health insurance industry and provide consumers with the information they need to make educated choices concerning their health care. Employers offering health insurance benefits to workers are also required to provide use-friendly guides to policies. Benefits…

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Kansas must take action on health insurance benefits before it’s too late

Insurance Commissioner Praeger on Health Insurance

Insurance Commissioner Praeger urges action on health insurance benefits Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger claims that the state must take decisive action on the health insurance benefits it will provide consumers per the Affordable Care Act. States have until October to inform the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) what the minimum benefits residents can receive through policies sold through health insurance exchanges. If states cannot meet the deadline, the HHS will determine the minimum level of benefits available to consumers, which may not be suitable for everyone. State…

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Chicago state employees may see their health insurance contracts extended as legislators battle over authority

Public employees and retirees in Chicago may have their temporary health insurance plans extended a full year, pending the results of a legislative panel. Lawmakers will convene on August 16 to determine whether insurance coverage for state employees should be extended. The plans were initially issued by the state government to provide state employees with health care while legislative disputes raged on, threatening to leave them without any coverage. As the political disputes erupted, public employers were told that their insurance plans would continue for another 90 days while lawmakers…

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