Over 476,000 apply for health insurance coverage in the US

health insurance enrollment

Administration releases information concerning health insurance applications The Obama Administration has released information concerning enrollment in health insurance exchange initiatives throughout the country. These exchanges were opened to the public on October 1, but many were plagued by severe technical difficulties that prevented people from applying for health insurance coverage. Over the past two weeks, states have been working to rectify the problems with their health insurance exchange sites and many have managed to resolve the glitches that had prevented consumers from using the sites effectively. Consumers flock to exchanges According to…

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Health insurance in Tennessee denies 1 in 4 applicants

Tennessee Health Insurance

Insurers in the state are declining applications at a rate of 25 percent, according to recent data. Though there remains nearly a full year before the true health insurance impact of the healthcare reforms goes into effect, a coverage issue has developed in Tennessee, which is affecting one in every four applicants for coverage in the state. Within Tennessee, there is a rate of applications denied by insurers of 25 percent. Recent data from the coverage research firm Health Pocket, has identified this trend by health insurance companies to deny…

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