Health insurance enrollment is up throughout the US

health insurance enrollment

2.5 million people enroll for coverage through exchange An estimated 2.5 million new people have enrolled in health insurance exchanges throughout the United States, according to reports from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The agency is responsible for managing the exchanges nationwide and has seen a significant increase in consumer activity over the past month. This year’s open enrollment period has, thus far, proven to be less turbulent than last year’s as exchanges have managed to avoid serious technical difficulties. Exchanges have managed to avoid the technical difficulties…

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Health insurance application forms considerably simplified by Obama Administration

Health Insurance Reform

The documents are much shorter and easier to complete, though income details are still needed. The Obama administration has just unveiled a new and updated health insurance application form in order to enroll for benefits that is considerably shorter and easier to complete than the original massive document that had been issued. The first version of the form received numerous complaints as it was as long and confusing as a tax form. The latest draft of the health insurance benefits application is only five pages long, which includes the cover…

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Insurance denial rates run rampant throughout the country, new data shows

New data from the federal Department of Health and Human Services shows that a large number of health insurance applications sent to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield are rejected. While rejections are not uncommon in the insurance business, the rate at which insurers are denying applicants has raised the concerns of federal regulators. Reportedly, some of these rejections are spurred by what may appear to be minor events, such as an applicant visiting an emergency room because of injury or going to see a chiropractor for back pain. According…

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