Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield looks to raise rates in Oregon

Health Insurance rate increases

Insurer’s rate proposal may be unjustifiable, according to the OSPIRG Foundation Recently, Oregon’s Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield sought to increase rates for individual health insurance plans. According to the rate increase proposal, some consumers may see their premiums rise by as much as 16% if the proposal is accepted by state regulators. A new analysis released by the OSPIRG Foundation, a consumer advocacy group, suggests that the health insurance company is not able to justify its need for rate increases. The rate proposal from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield…

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A news study shows the costs of health care are rising as well as uninsured rate

A new report from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit organization championing a more efficient health care system, shows that as the costs of health insurance rise, the number of people with health insurance plummets. The report cites growing tensions within the economy as consumers struggle to cope with higher costs of living and widespread job loss. In 2010, the organization estimated that 29 million people did not have health insurance, a number that had been 16 million seven years before. Among those losing health insurance coverage are those with jobs.…

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