How the New Health Insurance Laws of 2014 Will Affect Businesses

Health care has always been a hot topic. Historically health insurance was too expensive for many smaller businesses and individuals to have. Unfortunately the failure to obtain that insurance could result in very high medical costs when hospital, doctor, or dental visits were required. The Affordable Health Care Act known by many as ObamaCare will come into full effect in January of next year. It is meant to reform health care as we know it. There will be many changes that businesses and employees should be aware of. Overall Health…

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Health care reform in Maryland receive federal grant of $123 million

Health Care Reform

The state will be given the funds to begin its insurance exchange. Maryland will be receiving $123 million in funds from the federal government in order to create and establish its insurance exchange as per the health care reform requriements that were made by President Obama. Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown made this announcement regarding the exchange and its website. The state will make its exchange available online at what is now called the Maryland Health Connection, which is available at, a website which is expected to be completely functional…

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