Affordable Care Act may not be a “job killer”

health insurance for small business

Misconceptions concerning federal law create unnecessary tension in the job market The U.S. Affordable Care Act is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. One of the most significant of these misconceptions is the idea that the federal law will lead many small businesses throughout the country to fire workers. This concept is tied to the health insurance mandates associated with the federal law. These mandates require businesses to provide health insurance benefits to full-time employees, but the law has its own designation for what qualifies as a full-time employee. The…

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Employer sponsored health insurance here to stay

employer sponsored Health Insurance

Study takes aim at employer-sponsored health insurance The Affordable Care Act has created a degree of uncertainty surrounding the issue of employer sponsored health insurance. The law is slated to make significant changes to the U.S. health care system, but the majority of these changes will not go into effect until 2014. The law was passed in 2010, providing ample time for worry and concern to take root in consumers and businesses alike. A recent study from Towers Watson, a leading professional services firm, takes aim at the issue of…

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – As the Affordable Care Act marks its second birthday and prepares for a date with the U.S. Supreme Court, the Bay Area Council continues its work to ensure that implementation of the landmark law remains focused on controlling costs, providing access for all and improving patient health. “The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was an important step toward the creation of a healthcare system that provides high-quality affordable care,” said senior policy advisor, Micah Weinberg. “We are working with policymakers to ensure…

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Franchises to face a potential struggle from burden associated with health insurance tax

Franchise owners who are struggling to come through the economic crisis in an environment where poverty is rampant, and are starting to wonder if their ability to improve the employment situation may be related to the health insurance tax that was established as a part of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and which will begin as of 2014. The health insurance tax will require employers with 50 or more employees to pay a tax of $2,000 per worker, if the company chooses not to offer health insurance…

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