Health care reform brings better insurance to some in Maryland

health insurance healthcare reform

Consumers in the state are not signing up in record numbers but they are trading up for improved coverage. According to some of the latest figures from the health care reform in Maryland, the insurance exchange in the state isn’t necessarily making a tremendous dent in the number of uninsured people, but it is giving individuals a way to make sure that they are receiving the best possible coverage. Many people have upgraded their coverage but are paying less for their plans. The state doesn’t yet have the data regarding…

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Report shows that quality varies greatly amongst the nation’s largest health insurance plans

Consumer Reports, a market research agency focused on the health care industry, has released the findings of a new study regarding the quality of the nation’s largest health insurance plans. With major changes coming to the health care system in the coming years, consumers, insurers and political groups have been eager to dissect the findings of studies from Consumer Reports and other research agencies. Much of the controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act is, indeed, spurred by such reports as they provide useful data for opponents and supporters of health…

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