Health insurance study shows limited networks don’t hurt

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Research in Massachusetts has revealed that these strategies don’t cause any harm to patients and they save money. Despite the fact that the majority of patients don’t like hearing that they can’t go to a certain hospital or see a certain doctor because of the limited network of coverage provided by their health insurance, this type of plan is becoming increasingly commonplace. These “limited” network plans (also known as “narrow”) are being seen more often than ever before. The reason is that these health insurance policies are typically cheaper for…

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Health insurance continues to divide those in the US

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Survey shows that health care continues to be a very controversial issue in the US Digital media company Morning Consult has released the results of a new survey highlighting consumer opinion regarding health insurance in the U.S. The matter of insurance is somewhat controversial throughout most of the country, partly due to the fact that it has become a heavily politicized matter. The Affordable Care Act is somewhat to blame for this, as it became a platform upon which the current administration based much of its political clout. Divisive opinions…

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Health insurance companies partner to examine medical costs

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Rising medical costs encourage companies to come together to shed light on the issue Three of the largest health insurance organizations in the United States have agreed to come together for the sake of a new research initiative that is meant to help develop a digital tool that could shed some light on the costs of medical care. These costs have become a major issue for many people and businesses throughout the U.S. and are somewhat shrouded in mystery. It is no secret that medical costs have been on the…

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The impact of one hour of sleep on health care costs

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Daylight savings time strips drivers of one hour of sleep, causing a surprising and costly result. One hour of sleep may not seem like a tremendous amount, but as the majority of the country grumbled over having to “spring forward” with daylight savings time, health care costs saw a notable, short term spike that will only repeat itself at the same time next year. Many studies continue to show that even one hour of sleep can have detrimental effects. At the same time that the majority of people do like…

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Minnesota health insurance exchange moving forward

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Minnesota health insurance exchange still in a state of confusion A task force formed in Minnesota by the state’s government is currently investigating the next steps the state should take in building its own health insurance exchange. The task force is advisory in nature, but plays a significant role in the state’s future health insurance structure. The association met earlier this week and is expected to provide state lawmakers with recommendations on how the Minnesota health insurance exchange should take form. Lawmakers still unsure how to build an exchange program…

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Insurers in Massachusetts gain approval for health insurance rate increases

Massachusetts insurance regulators have approved a number of rate increase proposals from some of the state’s largest health insurance companies. Governor Deval Patrick supports the approval, citing rising health care costs that threaten to make an already ill economy more volatile. Consumer advocacy groups have decried the rate increases, saying that they put undue financial stress on those struggling to make ends meet. Regulators, however, have only approved proposals whose increases were less than 9% in the hopes of lightening the impact of higher rates. Blue Cross Blue Shield has…

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Massachusetts lawmakers look to change the state’s health care system with a global payment plan

Massachusetts lawmakers are struggling to rein in on rising health care costs, but a solution may be on its way as the state reaches the conclusion of a three-year long study. The study concerns the state of Massachusetts’ health care system and how insurance companies, hospitals and doctors interact with one another. The state is not the first to consider sweeping changes to its health care system, but it may be the first in enacting such changes. Legislators are currently working toward a plan they call “global payments.” The basic…

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