Preparing for Halloween insurance claims with prevention and coverage

Halloween Insurance Claims - Jack-o-lantern
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Home and vehicle owners should be prepared for accidental damage and mischief makers. Halloween insurance claims can be tricky for homeowners and car owners who didn’t prepare in advance. That said, there are certain things that consumers can do to make this evening more of a treat. Though most tricks are just a nuisance, things can sometimes go too far – on purpose or accidentally. When ghosts, goblins and vampires are out trick-or-treating on Halloween, they can get overly excited and what was meant to be a small prank –…

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Halloween insurance news usually involves property damage

halloween insurance news

Every year, agents and local police prepare themselves for the mess left behind by vandals. Today, local police and insurance agents are getting themselves ready for the darker side of Halloween than the ghosts and goblins that wander the streets looking for candies, as insurance news headlines every year will spike with property damage claims. Without fail every year, vandals will batter people’s homes, properties, and cars with eggs, pumpkins, and toilet paper. According to an insurance news release from Mercury, last year, there was a rise of 3 percent…

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