Independent hairdressers are learning the importance of hair stylists insurance

Hair stylists insurance - haircut - salon

This type of policy is more affordable and provides more coverage than many professionals realize. Salon owners may realize that they need hair stylists insurance among their business policies, but independent hairdressers frequently don’t realize the importance of this coverage. What is independent hairdressers’ insurance? Hair stylists insurance provides you with vital professional and general liability coverage. This is important regardless of whether you are giving someone a quick trim or are creating a drastic new look. Many stylists don’t realize that this type of niche policy for an independent…

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New salon insurance options available for this unique industry’s needs

salon insurance

Small business insurance for owners, manicurists, pedicurists, aestheticians, makeup artists, and independent contractors. Online insurer, Business Insurance USA has announced that they will now be offering a unique kind of salon insurance coverage for these owners and the specialists who work within them, in order to protect their assets and financial futures. This form of specialty small business insurance is nothing new for the company, which is known for its individualized policies. The policies were created in order to meet the unique needs of the individuals and companies within this…

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