New York regulators question insurance industry over cyber security preparedness

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Insurance industry facing challenges in digital world Cyber security is becoming a major issue throughout the U.S. and the insurance industry is beginning to feel the pressure to become more prepared to deal with the threats that exist in the digital world. The insurance industry is well attuned to risks, but hackers and other malicious groups represent a risk that is nearly impossible to quantify due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet and how data is being used and stored. In New York, insurance regulators are beginning to…

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Insurance industry in the US continues drawing attention to cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance industry popularity

Insurance industry well attuned to digital risks The Internet has become an all-encompassing resource for information and community for most of the world. Today, the Internet supports a multitude of businesses, many of which rely on the digital world to reach out to consumers and sell products around the world. While the Internet is often considered one of the greatest accomplishments in human history to date, it is not a utopia. Within the Internet are many threats that businesses, consumers, and governments have yet to become acclimated to. The cyber…

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