Cyber insurance companies could lose $90 million to SolarWinds hack

SolarWinds Hack - Hacker - Computer

Insurers will need to foot the bill for many costs such as incident response and forensic services. The SolarWinds hack is expected to cost cyber insurance companies about $90 million total for covering forensic services and incident response services for compromised clients. That said, many experts are saying that this expense could have been significantly higher. “Although the SolarWinds attack is a cyber catastrophe from a national security perspective, insurers may have narrowly avoided a catastrophic financial incident to their businesses,” said BitSight director of insurance programs and partnerships, Samit…

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Cyber insurance confusion causes gaps in coverage

cyber insurance confusion computer

This sector of the insurance industry is doing great business but policyholders may not know what they need. Businesses are very aware that they need protection against data breaches, but cyber insurance confusion is causing notable problems. Companies know they need coverage but don’t necessarily know precisely what that coverage should include. This is a very complex market, which makes it difficult to determine what coverage is needed. After all, the cyber insurance confusion doesn’t just start at buying a policy. Even assessing the damage following a major data breach…

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Cyber insurance is becoming more important throughout the world

cyber insurance theft id higher rates

Report highlights the growing demand for cyber protection IDC Financial Insights has released a new report highlighting cyber insurance as an excellent opportunity for insurers due to the growing demand for this form of coverage. Cyber insurance is becoming more important as companies become more reliant on digital technology. These companies face serious risks that could result in severe financial losses if they do not adequately protect the sensitive information of consumers. Demand for cyber protection is on the rise and insurers may find promising opportunities in this emerging market.…

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Spending on cyber insurance skyrockets as high profile cases rise

Cyber Insurance industry popularity

The size of the problem associated with cyber attacks is becoming clearer as data breaches make more frequent headlines. The number of large companies and corporations that have experienced highly publicized data breaches is rapidly rising, and other businesses have not failed to notice; having responded with the purchasing of cyber insurance policies to help to protect themselves from the extensive damages that this type of digital attack can bring. Insurers that offer this type of data breach liability coverage are seeing notable growth in that business. At the same…

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Cyber insurance protection availability is growing

data overload cyber insurance

A rising number of insurers, now including AIG, are offering this coverage as businesses boost their demand. At a time in which the headlines involving businesses that have undergone data breaches and other digital attacks are becoming a regular occurrence, American International Group (AIG) has now announced that it will be joining the growing number of insurers that are offering cyber insurance protection. This policy from AIG will be providing coverage to businesses against illegal hacking. The cyber insurance policy will not, in this case, provide any protection against physical…

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