Vacationers cautioned to purchase the right travel insurance when heading to Greece

greece travel insurance

The types of disaster that could arise due to the financial crisis are not covered by all policies. Vacationers who have been planning to head to Greece are being warned that they might want to take a second look at their travel insurance policies in order to make sure that they will indeed have the types of coverage that could be needed if the financial environment stats to collapse even more than it already has. Thousands of people who plan to take their summer vacations in the country may not…

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Marsh & McLennan herald turning of property insurance market

Property insurance rates on the rise. Marsh & McLennan Companies, a global risk and insurance services firm, has begun claiming that property insurance rates all over the world are on the rise. The increase in these rates suggests a solidifying of the global market and could be an implication of an improving economy. Marsh notes that consumers are paying more for their insurance coverage due to the high frequency of natural disasters in the past two years. Another factor that is contributing to higher rates the way insurance companies are…

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International Monetary Fund claims global economy is improving due to international cooperation

The global economy is showing significant signs of improvement, according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) Director Christine Lagarde. Lagarde traveled to Beijing this week to discuss the economic improvements that are being seen all over the world. Much of the improvements come from bold moves made in the insurance industry as a way to remedy the European financial crisis. With the help of insurers and reinsurers, the European Union was able to conduct the largest debt restructure in history and pull Greece from the brink of economic calamity. Lagarde notes…

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