Health care reform in Massachusetts brings uninsured rate to nearly zero

Massachusetts Health Care

The latest statistics from the state have revealed that nearly all of its residents now have insurance. Among the latest insurance news headlines to come from Massachusetts is the recent publication of statistics that have shown that following the health care reform, the number of residents in the state who are uninsured has dropped to nearly zero. This is the closest that a state has ever come to making sure that all of its residents have health insurance. Massachusetts already had a bit of a head start when it came…

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Advocacy groups in Massachusetts call for a yearlong freeze on rising insurance rates

Massachusetts legislators are currently working with leaders in the state’s insurance industry to change how residents pay for health care. Meanwhile, two consumer advocacy groups have been vehement in their cries for a one-year reprieve from premiums increases. Residents of Massachusetts have been struggling with rampant rises in the cost of insurance coverage. Rising rates have forced some to make significant cuts in their budget to be able to afford coverage while others are now living without any insurance. Today, the Massachusetts State House will play host to a rally…

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