Alaska stands up for its health insurance rate review process

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Alaskan spokeswoman notes that the state’s rate review process is adequate Alaska’s Division of Insurance has not applied for grants from the federal government to review health insurance premium increases. According to a spokeswoman for Governor Sean Parnell, Sharon Leighow, the state does not need federal grants because its rate review process is adequate. This is contrary to an assessment offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which suggests that insurance coverage could be made more affordable in Alaska if the state had a better rate review…

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Unemployment insurance rates spike in Alaska, Governor balks at current law

The Alaskan Department of Labor has issued notifications to businesses throughout the state letting them know that they will be paying more for unemployment insurance next year. The new rates have yet to be reviewed by the state’s insurance regulators, but insurance companies claim that higher rates are necessary to ensure that the state’s unemployment trust fund remains solvent and that insurers themselves have to recover from high unemployment rates. Governor Sean Parnell argues that the rates are excessive, as the state’s trust fund holds more than $234 million and…

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