Alabama launches work group to investigate the homeowners insurance sector

Alabama homeowners insurance

Alabama governor introduces work group that will examine the insurance market along the Gulf Coast Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has appointed a work group that is meant to study the homeowners insurance business along the Gulf Coast. In recent years, homeowners insurance premiums in the area have been rising at an astonishing rate, which is placing property owners under some financial strain. The work group will examine the market and determine what can be done to improve the insurance sector and reduce the strain on consumers along the Gulf Coast.…

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Alabama health insurance exchange nixed

Health Insurance rates and care

Alabama health insurance exchange plans put to rest by Governor Bentley Alabama will not build its own health insurance exchange, according to Governor Robert Bentley. The Governor released a short press release this week detailing his views on the exchange program and why the state will not build its own. The state is required to host a health insurance exchange per the Affordable Care Act. The state can, of course, opt out of building its own exchange, but the federal government will be responsible for building the Alabama health insurance…

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Alabama governor vows to veto health insurance exchange bill

Governor Bentley

Legislators making progress on exchange but are facing strong opposition Lawmakers in Alabama are working on getting a head start on the Affordable Care Act by establishing a health insurance exchange as quickly as possible. The House has recently passed a bill that lays out a framework for the exchange system, believing that this structure will expedite efforts to build a robust system. The health insurance exchange is expected to bring affordable coverage to thousands of Alabama residents, but that does not mean it is without its opponents, the chief…

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Alabama Insurance Exchange Commission to submit recommendations on a state-run exchange system by the end of this week

Alabama is moving closer to establishing its own health insurance exchange as the state’s Health Insurance Exchange Study Commission finishes its work this week. The agency was formed earlier this year at the order of Governor Robert Bentley. The agency was tasked with determining the proper course of action to take when the time comes to make an exchange program. The Commission plans to submit its proposals for the program later this week, at which point the state Legislature will vote on the fate of a state-run insurance exchange. Exact…

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Alabama Governor erects new panel to investigate the state’s shaken insurance market

A new panel has been set up in Alabama by Governor Robert Bentley comprised of 24 of the state’s insurance and business officials as well as several regulatory figures. The panel is tasked with investigating the state’s insurance market in the wake of deadly tornadoes that ravaged the state, along with its neighbors, two months ago. The original intent of the panel was to focus their investigation to coastal areas, spurred by the forecasts of a tumultuous hurricane season. The effort has been expanded, however, to account for the toll…

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