Flood insurance may not be the best solution in Ohio

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Ohio lawmakers look for alternative to flood insurance In light of recent flooding disasters, as well as major natural disasters in general, state officials throughout the U.S. are beginning to take measures to mitigate the country’s exposure to these catastrophes in the future. In Ohio, lawmakers are beginning to push more aggressively for federal funding that could help bolster the state’s defenses against floods. State officials claim that flood insurance is simply not enough of a safety net for homeowners that could fall victim to flood disasters. Insurance may not…

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Ohio businesses may see major returns from workers compensation program

Ohio Governor John Kasich - Workers Compensation Program

$1 billion in workers compensation dividends to be distributed in Ohio Ohio businesses may be receiving significant dividends from the state’s workers compensation fund this month. Governor John Kasich is keen to see funds returned to employers after returns from the workers’ compensation fund were higher than had been expected. These returns are now before the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, which will determine whether they are necessary or not. If the agency approved of the dividends, more than $1 billion in funds could be returned to employers throughout the…

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Ohio lawmakers approve changes to minimum auto insurance requirements

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Ohio auto insurance expected to become more expensive for some drivers Ohio drivers are expected to see the costs of auto insurance climb, but not because insurance companies are raising rates for coverage. A new law has been approved by the Ohio Legislature that will increase the minimum level of auto insurance drivers are required to carry in the state. Though the law has been approved by both the Ohio House and Senate, it must still be signed by Governor John Kasich. If the law receives the Governor’s approval, Ohio…

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