Arizona rejects health insurance exchange plans

Arizona Health Insurance Exchange

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer shuts down exchange efforts Arizona lawmakers have been wrestling with the concept of a health insurance exchange for some time. The state must host an exchange program per the Affordable Care Act, but legislators have been uncertain whether the state should build and operate the exchange itself or leave that burden to the federal government. Governor Jan Brewer has announced that the issue has been settled this week, declaring that Arizona will not be building and operating its own health insurance exchange. Exchanges billed as way…

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Arizona Governor’s insurance plan rebuked by lawmakers

Arizona lawmakers have been called to action by Governor, Jan Brewer, regarding the state’s unemployment insurance programs. The recession of 2008 has had long lasting consequences, leaving many people out of work and unable to afford any kind of insurance coverage. Arizona’s program had been one of the few places where long-term unemployed individuals could find coverage. Brewer has been an advocate for the program, but the state’s Legislature has repeatedly failed to make changes that would expand the program to include more people. Brewer proposed measures that would extend…

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