Florida workers’ compensation insurance market in strong shape

workers compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is strong in Florida A new report has been released by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation concerning the state’s workers’ compensation insurance market. The report, which is issued annually, documents the trends that are being seen in the workers’ compensation insurance market and how these trends are affecting the market as a whole. According to the report, the workers’ compensation insurance market remains strong despite recent legislative changes and other factors that have impacted the market over the past year. Report highlights declining rates, and the…

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Florida Property Insurance Reform Underway

In Tallahassee Florida, the fight for the insurance reform could mean an expensive cost of millions of dollars to the concerned customers during the legislative session. According to the private insurance industry, Citizens Property Insurance – a government run company, should raise its rates to its customers as well as reduce the coverage for them since they cannot possibly compete with these. The state lawmakers are now considering this and it could lead to a rapid increase of payments for the residents of Tallahassee. Similar changes have been noted, such as…

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