Google is stepping into auto insurance sales

google auto insurance industry

The internet giant intends to begin selling policies for vehicle coverage in the United States market. According to a statement recently made by an analyst, Google Inc. has intentions to make its way into the American auto insurance market with a website that will give people across the United States the opportunity to compare policies and buy coverage. This is only the latest step in a broader effort that the company to make its way into the U.S. automotive industry. The internet search giant is going to be creating a…

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Driverless cars being test driven in California, though insurers aren’t quite ready for robot drivers

Auto insurance industry beside itself on the self driving car issue Though it may sound like science fiction to have a robot driving a car for you, Google is already taking driverless cars out on the roads of California to test them, regardless of the fact that the law hasn’t even considered that this could be possible. Next door, the state of Nevada has already created regulations that are allowing these robot operated vehicles onto its public roads, and Brian Sandoval, the governor of that state, has already been out…

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