Here Are Some Possible Discounts You Can Get On Car Insurance

ways to save money on car insurance discounts

Owning a car can get pricey. Not only do you have to worry about the up-front costs of buying a car, but you will also have a monthly payment if you finance it. These payments can stretch your budget and be challenging to manage. Then, you have to consider how much you will spend on car maintenance, repairs, and gasoline. Before you know it, you are committing to a few hundred to several hundred dollars a month. To top it off, you must carry auto insurance. Your costs will vary…

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Innovative new technology provides new methods of encouraging road safety

Auto insurance industry eyeballs new technology to help with distracted drivers Many people believe that they are safer drivers than the average motorist, but this overconfidence in their ability can actually cause some people to be more dangerous on the roads than their skills require them to be. These individuals often feel that they are very good drivers, but that it is others who are the road users causing accidents. However, true road safety is dependent on the behaviors and decisions of individuals who understand the strengths and limitations of…

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Consumer Watchdog chastises California’s Mercury Insurance for supposed illegal practices

Mercury is looking to raise its auto insurance rates by $89 million in California, a move that consumer advocates are calling “illegal.” Consumer Watchdog, a group concerned with making the California insurance industry more consumer friendly, claims that the insurer is looking to pass a new law that would allow it to raise rates for good drivers that have, simply, not driven for a period of time for any reason. Mercury Chairman George Joseph claims that the legislation the company is backing would save policyholders money, but Consumer Watchdog calls such…

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