Auto insurance now offered to cover GM loaners for ignition switch recall

GM Auto Insurance Dilemma

Some drivers won’t have their repaired vehicles until as late as October, but won’t be underinsured. Recently, GM announced that it would be providing drivers with loaner cars when their vehicles are affected by the recall involving faulty ignition switches, and now they have announced that they will also be providing those drivers with auto insurance, as well. This is an important announcement as there are 1.6 million vehicles being recalled, with 1.37 million in the U.S. The primary struggle that has lead to this need for auto insurance coverage…

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Looking to boost sales, General Motors offers free insurance for new cars.

General Motors is no stranger to financial troubles. The 2008 recession, whose effects still linger to this day, took a heavy toll on the auto maker. The company was forced to shut down several factories, lay off thousands of workers and discontinue some of their models. Recovering from the recession has been no small feat for the world’s businesses, but the auto industry has had a particularly rough time of it, due mainly to the additional expenses that come with purchasing a vehicle. In an effort to boost sales, GM…

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