Report highlights effect of natural disaster on insurance industry

Insurance Industry

Insurance industry continues to wrestle with catastrophes Aon Benfield’s Impact Forecasting, the catastrophe modeling division of the company, has released its latest Global Catastrophe Recap report. These reports are issued monthly and highlight the natural disasters that have occurred around the world and details what impact they may have had on the insurance industry. The latest report provides some insight on the natural disasters that struck throughout the U.S. in April. The report makes note of several severe events that have caused significant damage in some parts of the country.…

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Aon Benfield insurance news report on natural disasters shows massive losses in Italy

Italy Earthquake

There was an estimated $6 billion in economic loss from the Italian quakes. Worldwide reinsurance intermediary, Aon Benfield, the Aon plc capital adviser, has released the most recent edition of its Global Catastrophe Recap report, which looked into the latest insurance news regarding natural disasters that occurred in May 2012. The report was published by Impact Forecasting and detailed the impact of the earthquakes in Italy. The catastrophe model development center of excellence for the firm, published the results which showed that the nine days in which there were two…

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Aon releases new edition of Global Catastrophe Recap report

U.S. industry holds on to hope for a more peaceful 2012 Following the disastrous 2011, U.S. insurers had hoped that 2012 would be a lenient year in terms of natural catastrophes. These hopes were dashed when 2012 hosted a series of unfortunate events in its early months. These disasters made headline throughout the world of insurance news and put the industry on notice. The early months brought many powerful storms that caused widespread damages, mostly in the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. In April, these storms proved particularly devastating. Report shows…

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