Insurance news is made by top celebrities backing Obamacare

Insurance news Lady Gaga getcovered

Huge names from Lady Gaga to Olivia Wilde are Tweeting to Americans to use the health insurance exchanges. Some of the top celebrities in the country are making insurance news headlines by showing their support over Twitter to encourage people to enroll in the online marketplaces at the center of the healthcare reforms. More notables include Amy Poehler and Pharell, who are urging people to join and spread the word. The healthcare reforms weren’t without their own insurance news headlines, last week, as they got off to a rough start.…

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Healthcare reforms supported by a topless Nina Dobrev

healthcare reforms nina dobrev get covered

The actress known for her role in “Vampire Diaries” is attracting a lot of attention for the health insurance exchanges. Nina Dobrev has joined many other celebrities who have been tweeting in order to encourage people to learn more about the healthcare reforms and to take part in the health insurance exchanges where they can purchase their plans under the Affordable Care Act, but she has taken a rather unique tack to make sure that people are paying attention. The actress tweeted “#GetCovered, Because w/o it, you’re naked” and posted…

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