German regulator mislead by Greensill on insurance deal, says IAG

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According to the accusation, the dupe was mean tot help reduce the unit’s capital requirements. One of Greensill Capital’s insurers has alleged that the failed lender duped German regulators regarding an insurance deal in an effort to try to shrink its Bremen-based unit’s capital requirements. Greensill investors are currently suing the Insurance Australia Group (IAG) as they face billions in losses. The investors have accused defunct Greensill supply-chain finance group of hiding that it did not have the insurance deal in place that they were led to believe. Instead, the…

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Insurance news from Germany warns residents of increasing premiums

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The GDV industry association has said that the rise will be 1.5 percent this year. The GDV has just announced the latest insurance news, that insurers in Germany, including Talanx AG and Allianz SE, will likely be posting an increase in their premiums of 1.5 percent by the year’s end. It is believed that the premiums growth will increase to €180.7 billion ($230 billion). Among the explanations for these premiums increases are that the country has seen some of the highest levels of property and casualty growth that it has…

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Latest international insurance news shows German insurers seeking strategies around low interest rates


German insurance industry brainstorming for financial relief. Germany is making international insurance news as its life insurance companies attempt to come up with new strategies that will help to dig themselves out of the financial trouble that the country’s low interest rates are causing for them. The insurers within this largest economy in Europe are looking into various different ways to overcome the drop in income they are suffering from their investments. Some of them include offering policyholders shorter maturity guarantees for their policies, or greater flexibility. According to Maximilian…

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Connecticut Insurance Department teams with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority to protect consumers

The Connecticut Insurance Department has entered into a new agreement with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in order to better supervise an insurance organization that does business in both Germany and the U.S. The agreement is the second between the two entities in the past three months. Insurance Commissioner Thomas Leonardi believes that ensuring the financial stability of insurance companies is vastly important to the protection of consumers. Regulation, according to Leonardi, is the best way to keep insurers from making costly decisions that could compromise the economy. As…

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U.S. appeals court to rule on a law concerning insurance payments for the heirs of the Armenian genocide

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California has taken a controversial stance on the matter of the Armenian genocide in Turkey which may conflict with U.S. foreign policy. The issue concerns a state law which declares that heirs of those killed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire are due life insurance payments from three of Germany’s largest insurance organizations. The court first levied a tentative ruling on the matter in 2009, where judges ruled in favor of the German insurers. Now, however, the judges have ruled to rehear the…

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