Insurance fraud warning issued in Georgia

California Insurance company Fraud scam

Insurance Commissioner issues a warning concerning insurance fraud Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, has issued a warning to consumers regarding insurance fraud. The insurance industry has been dealing with fraud for nearly as long as it has existed, but new threats are beginning to emerge in the digital world that the industry may not be prepared to deal with effectively. Conventional methods of fraud are also becoming more resilient to the measures that the insurance industry is taking to thwart them. Consumers are receiving calls from fraudulent representatives of life…

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Walmart enters into life insurance business

Walmart health Insurance

Walmart teams with MetLife to sell life insurance policies Retail giant Walmart appears to be getting into the life insurance business in Georgia and South Carolina. The company has teamed with New York-based insurer MetLife to begin selling policies in more than 200 stores located in both states. The life insurance policies that will be sold through Walmart are designed to be attractive to consumers looking to find affordable coverage without having to do extensive shopping or rely on plans that may be provided by their employer. Partnership will open…

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