Mercury Insurance invests more money in Prop 33

California auto insurance

Mercury Insurance executive donates more funds to controversial legislative initiative Mercury Insurance executive George Joseph has donated more money to a legislative initiative in California, the fate of which will be determined in November this year. The initiative is known as Proposition 33 and aims to provide more rate increase freedoms to the state’s auto insurance companies. Mercury Insurance has been one of the strongest advocates of the initiative, which has earned the company a fair amount of criticism for wanted to raise rates in an unjustified manner. Prop 33…

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Auto insurance customers with coverage gaps may face higher rates

auto Insurance bill

Battle over automobile coverage law in California rages on for two decades. The auto insurance war that regarding the laws in California are now entering their second decade between George Joseph, the billionaire Mercury General Corp. executive, and Harvey Rosenfield, the consumer advocate. The latest battle in the war will occur in November, when the two will face off over a ballot initiative. The initiative could bring the auto insurance law in California back to the way that it was before a provision was implemented in 1988. This would allow…

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Mercury’s controversial Prop 17 finds its way back to the Californian ballot

Mercury Insurance’s controversial Proposition 17 has been resurrected and made its way to California’s November ballot. The proposition received funding from George Joseph, the billionaire chairman of the insurance company. The money was enough to bring the proposition back to life after it had been struck down by voters in 2010. Now, voters will have another opportunity to weigh in on the proposition, but there may be no guarantee that their efforts will put an end to the insurer’s plans for good. The proposition aims to make changes to Proposition…

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Consumer Watchdog chastises California’s Mercury Insurance for supposed illegal practices

Mercury is looking to raise its auto insurance rates by $89 million in California, a move that consumer advocates are calling “illegal.” Consumer Watchdog, a group concerned with making the California insurance industry more consumer friendly, claims that the insurer is looking to pass a new law that would allow it to raise rates for good drivers that have, simply, not driven for a period of time for any reason. Mercury Chairman George Joseph claims that the legislation the company is backing would save policyholders money, but Consumer Watchdog calls such…

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California auto insurance law is being challenged by Mercury General Corp

Mercury General Corp., one of California’s largest auto insurance providers, has taken a bold new step in confronting one of California’s most controversial auto insurance laws. Proposition 103, as it is known, was first passed in 1989, much to the chagrin of many insurance companies offering automobile policies. The law brought many changes to the industry, among which were new regulations regarding rates and limiting the power of insurers to deny claims. For the past decade, Mercury General has been campaigning to change the law. As California’s Legislative session nears…

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