Climate change is proving unsettling for insurance agents

Climate Change Insurance agents Industry

Lloyd’s of London has revealed that it is starting to look into potential catastrophes from the new reality. Lloyd’s of London has just released a document that is rather unsettling to insurance agents in the way that it has shown that it is currently exploring potential apocalyptic disasters that could result from the impact of climate change on the current structure of the world. The report detailed the way that there could essentially be a worldwide meltdown from a food supply chain failure. This was far from the type of…

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Innovation Group launches new form of tech to engage audience of insurers

Insurance News

The next generation of innovation is now available from the solutions providing company’s North America operation. The latest announcement from Insurance Initiative, a worldwide software solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) provider that specializes in that industry, is that it has launched a brand new insurance technology initiative. This effort is called the Future of Insurance, and it is was created by the organization’s North America operation. It is meant to solidify how important it is for insurers to adopt new and innovative methods to optimize their companies by working…

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California auto insurance industry leaders underline online auto policy sales growth

A report from Online Auto Insurance has revealed that recent talks among representatives of the California insurance industry have focused on the necessity for their agents to change their strategy for growing the number of customers who are purchasing their auto insurance online, which underlines the fact that drivers have a wide variety of different options for buying their coverage. Experts in the industry have been observing, over the last few years, that a growing number of individuals who are seeking cheaper premiums for their auto coverage are using the…

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