Insurance industry losses are massive due to disastrous winter weather

insurance industry winter snow ice

Over $1.4 billion in losses have been seen due to the extreme conditions that have been experienced. With continual snow and temperatures that are continually below the averages, the insurance industry is starting to feel the same winter blues that are being experienced by the cabin feverish residents of the icy and snowy regions of the country. As much as snowplows and two truck drivers are frustrated, the losses seen by insurers is even greater. According to the data that was issued by Impact Forecasting, the extra wave of severe…

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Get Your Home in Shape for Winter

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

Frozen and burst pipes are of the highest home insurance claims and most frequently occurring source of damage, notes the Insurance Information Network of California. Yet many homeowners don’t know how common this problem is and don’t think their pipes could burst in the winter, causing expensive damage. This and other cold-weather problems can be prevented with a small amount of preventative maintenance as part of a fall cleanup. This year, spend a weekend ensuring that you, your garden and your home weather winter’s chill with ease by preparing your…

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Homeowners insurance industry is hoping early signs of cold will serve as a reminder

homeowners insurance information institute winter snow ice

The time has come for winter proofing homes and properties to help prevent damage. Though the majority of damage caused by winter storms is covered by homeowners insurance, it is highly recommended that efforts be taken to help protect the home against harm from frost, freezing, snow, wind, and other problems throughout the colder season. Some areas of the country have already experienced weather advisories for frost and freezing temperatures. Though these signs of winter are still very early, they are an important signal of how close the season truly…

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