Bills could force Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association to have auto insurance transparency

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SB 793 and SB 794 will open the MCCA up to public scrutiny if they both pass. New bills in Michigan, SB 793 and SB 794 have the potential to boost transparency for auto insurance claims in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA). The industry-managed organization manages lifetime medical treatment claims The MCCA is the organization in the state responsible for managing lifetime auto insurance claims payments for medical treatments of over $635,000 resulting from injuries from a catastrophic vehicle collision. Policyholders seeking lifetime coverage for severe injuries obtained as…

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Auto insurance no-fault program in Michigan faces appeal

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The system is going to be headed to the state Supreme Court due to the high rates it has caused. A group called the Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault (CPAN) has filed a lawsuit against a private fund that provides people with reimbursements when they have been seriously injured in vehicle accidents, as they claim that this is driving auto insurance rates higher. The group is seeking to determine how insurance rates are being affected by this practice. The issue that the CPAN is hoping to resolve primarily concerns information.…

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