Forced place insurance lawsuit filed against Wells Fargo

force placed insurance

Bank accused of charging its mortgage clients inflated homeowners coverage premiums. A lawsuit has been filed against Wells Fargo Bank NA, which has accused the company of charging inflated force placed insurance premiums to homeowners who had allowed their coverage to lapse. The complaint stated that the inflated premiums are designed to cover kickbacks. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida federal court received the filing, in which homeowner Ira Fladell stated that “The premiums are inflated to cover kickbacks in the form of unearned commissions and bundled administrative costs not properly charged…

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Force placed insurance most common in Florida

Forced Placed Insurance

California came in second for the state with the most premiums collected. According to sworn testimony regarding force placed insurance, before the United States Judicial Panel, Florida has the largest share of premiums from these policies. Its share was 35 percent of the entire country in 2011, equaling about $1.2 billion. The state was among the highest for home foreclosures in the country, and the majority of people whose mortgage payments defaulted also stopped paying their insurance premiums. This meant that many people had the force placed policies imposed in…

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Force placed insurance policies to be the topic of official questioning

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Florida regulators will grill Praetorian execs as well as those from two insurers. Regulators in Florida will be questioning executives of two insurers and Praetorian Insurance Company this week regarding their policies and behaviors regarding force placed insurance policies. Significant controversy has been growing around this form of coverage. These policies are imposed on homeowners by lenders when coverage on the mortgaged property has been allowed to lapse or expired, as they are often sold by companies whose rates are unregulated, by surplus lines insurers, or by companies that are…

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Investigation over home insurance includes Bank of America and Citigroup, among others

The state financial regulator in New York is currently conducting an inquiry regarding the possible overcharging of customers for force-place insurance, into large organizations such as Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. The focus of the probe is the service known as force-place insurance, which requires the a loan provider to purchase an insurance policy in the circumstance that a homeowner is unable to maintain insurance premiums on the property. According to industry experts, this practice is becoming increasingly common. The probe is being conducted by the office of…

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