Lawmakers begin to focus on flood insurance in Florida

flood insurance news

Florida introduces new legislation that could have an impact of flood insurance premiums Florida lawmakers are beginning to focus their attention on flood insurance. Some are calling for an extension for the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, which was passed in 2014 as a way to reduce the insurance premiums that homeowners were paying for their coverage. The law is meant to limit premiums increases to no more than 18% in a given year, making flood protection less of a financial burden for consumers. Legislation would assist in the development…

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Homeowners insurance rates on the rise in Florida

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Citizens Property Insurance to raise rates in South Florida and elsewhere Water damage claims are becoming more common in South Florida, which is leading to an increase in homeowners insurance rates in the region. Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance had intended to reduce rates for homeowners in South Florida, but water damage claims have become more plentiful and more costly. Most of the state’s water damage claims originate from South Florida, which is no surprise considering the region’s proximity to the ocean and the storms it is exposed to. Rates had…

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Florida homeowners insurance may be stable this hurricane season

Florida hurricane insurance rates

Florida’s Cat Fund is equipped to handle a significant natural disaster Florida may be able to withstand a major hurricane thanks to the financial capabilities of the state’s Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, also known as the Cat Fund. The fund is designed to provide a financial safety net for homeowners insurance companies that face significant losses in relation to a major storm. The Cat Fund has been used many times in the past to help the state recover from serious losses, but Florida has not suffered a major hurricane in nine…

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Florida-run homeowners insurance provider sheds more policies

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Citizens Property Insurance removed more policies More than 30,000 homeowners insurance policies have been removed from Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance. These policies were removed as depopulation efforts continue by the insurer. These efforts are meant to reduce the overall number of policies that Citizens is responsible for, thereby reducing its financial responsibilities and making the insurer more sustainable in the future. The depopulation was sparked by serious issues the insurer faced in the wake of serious natural disasters that it did not have the financial capability to handle on its…

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New York sees increase in health insurance exchange enrollment

New York Health Insurance

State has made progress in making its exchange more popular among consumers New York ranked fourth in the U.S. in terms of enrollment in health insurance exchanges, according to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The state has made significant strides in raising awareness about its exchange and the services that it offers, which lead to more people enrolling in the exchange throughout the state. Several other states have seen an increase in enrollment as well, due to the marketing efforts that they have made to improve awareness among…

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Health insurance exchange in Idaho boasts of high enrollment numbers

Idaho health insurance

Idaho is ranked fourth in terms of enrollment in insurance exchange Idaho’s health insurance exchange has proven to be successful. The exchange is ranked fourth in the nation in the number of people enrolled per capita. Many people living in the state have managed to find the health insurance coverage they need through the exchange. A significant portion of these people are receiving subsidies from the federal government, which help them afford the coverage that they have purchased through the state’s exchange, called Your Health Idaho. Exchange manages to find…

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Health insurance plan in Florida may be set aside, for now

health insurance exchange

State may not be able to support the expansion of its Medicaid program at this time Plans to expand Florida’s Medicaid program may be stalling as the state’s governor, Rick Scott, withdraws his support for such an initiative. Governor Scott had been a supporter of the concept of expanding Medicaid for some time, suggesting changes to the state budget in order to accommodate the initiative. Expanding Medicaid would have brought federal funds to the state, which would have helped cover the cost of the expansion and make health insurance coverage…

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