Florida Senator says property insurance crisis needs Governor DeSantis to “come home”

Property Insurance Crisis - Image of home over person's hand

Lawmakers in the state are calling for greater accountability as coverage prices break records. As Florida faces some of its highest ever property insurance rates – with more increases on their way – lawmakers are calling for greater accountability in the industry. Rate hikes and policy cancellations are reaching their worst ever level in the state. Now, a Senator representing Jacksonville is pushing for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to call another special property insurance session this summer, for the one purpose of generating savings and benefits for homeowners. Florida Senator…

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Florida’s Insurance Bills and Scott’s Tort Reform

In Florida it only seems normal for issues to be a constant battle of back and forth until the time begins to run out and everyone realizes its now or never when it comes to legislature and insurance issues. The property insurance bill has yet to be passed. As for the other insurance bill that is trying to be passed, which is nothing more than a collection of administrative and regulatory changes, is on its way to the governor. But, things don’t look to bright for 2011 in this case.…

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