Florida workers’ compensation insurance market in strong shape

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Workers’ compensation insurance is strong in Florida A new report has been released by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation concerning the state’s workers’ compensation insurance market. The report, which is issued annually, documents the trends that are being seen in the workers’ compensation insurance market and how these trends are affecting the market as a whole. According to the report, the workers’ compensation insurance market remains strong despite recent legislative changes and other factors that have impacted the market over the past year. Report highlights declining rates, and the…

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New title insurance policy approved by Florida regulators

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Title insurance continues to be difficult subject in Florida Title insurance in Florida has long been a tricky business. The state is considered a high risk market due to its exposure to hurricanes and tropical storms coming through the Gulf of Mexico. As such, the title insurance maerket in Florida can be difficult to navigate for some consumers more than in other states. This often creates problems for consumers, but there may be some relief in sight as the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations approves new measures to ensure the accessibility of affordable insurance…

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Florida coalition of businesses and residents looks to stop auto insurance fraud

With auto insurance fraud becoming a major concern in Florida, a number of law enforcement agencies, business associations and state resident groups have come together to form the Gear Up Florida coalition. The coalition aims to combat fraud in the state and help protect consumers from the havoc it can cause on their finances. Insurance prices in Florida have been rising due to staged car accidents in recent years. The coalition believes that the primary cause of this lies in the state’s no-fault auto insurance laws. Though insurers often get…

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University of Miami summit highlights the increasing cost of auto insurance

A summit held at the University of Miami on the topic of insurance fraud provided those in attendance with the opportunity to exchange stories, request assistance, and talk about litigation that is directed at this rising issue. One of the favorite examples, which was shared by Mary Lathrop, a Florida Highway Patrol Captain, involved a fender bender in the south end of the state. One of the drivers noticed that there was one fewer people in the car when the accident occurred than there were when the police arrived on…

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