Florida Senator says property insurance crisis needs Governor DeSantis to “come home”

Property Insurance Crisis - Image of home over person's hand

Lawmakers in the state are calling for greater accountability as coverage prices break records. As Florida faces some of its highest ever property insurance rates – with more increases on their way – lawmakers are calling for greater accountability in the industry. Rate hikes and policy cancellations are reaching their worst ever level in the state. Now, a Senator representing Jacksonville is pushing for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to call another special property insurance session this summer, for the one purpose of generating savings and benefits for homeowners. Florida Senator…

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Citizens provides home insurance to three times the Floridians it used to

Home insurance - Form with a pen

As the state sinks further into a coverage crisis, the insurer of last resort’s use is ballooning. The recent inflation and regular severe hurricanes have caused massive home insurance challenges in Florida, forcing many homeowners to turn to the insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance, for coverage. Lawmakers have been working to change regulations to dig out of the crisis, but the crisis is continuing. Both availability and price of home insurance coverage is becoming increasingly problematic in Florida, to the point that many property owners don’t have any…

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US lawmakers aim to stop DNA test results from access by insurance companies

DNA test results - DNA - Gene - Cell

Millions of Americans are using services to examine their genetic backgrounds. Over 26 million people across the United States have used voluntary services to obtain DNA test results. Now, lawmakers are moving to protect those same consumers against a federal legal loophole. The legal loophole would permit certain insurance companies to connect customer genetic data. Florida lawmakers have already launched the first step to shut that loophole. The goal is to protect consumers from being required to provide their DNA test results if they do not want to. Using genetic…

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Two former insurance executives appointed to Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance to help solve some of the company’s problems

As Florida continues to struggle with controversial rate increases from the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance, Governor Rick Scott has appointed two insurance professionals to serve as board members for the company. These two former insurance industry executives will serve as a catalyst for change in the company. Governor Scott has said that he wants to reduce the coverage of Citizens, enabling competition with private insurance companies. Now that Citizens board of directors is populated with members with extensive histories in the industry, Scott’s goal may now be attainable. Citizens new…

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