Florida no fault car insurance repeal moves ahead in state Senate

florida no fault auto insurance

Senator Tom Lee (R-Brandon) introduced the bill in the hopes of controlling skyrocketing premiums. The no fault car insurance bill meant to repeal the current system in Florida has cleared an important Senate committee. Should it become law, it would mean that drivers will need to purchase bodily injury coverage. The primary hurdle so far has been the argument that lawsuits and premiums would rise further. Many of the objections have come directly from insurance representatives. Should the no fault car insurance be repealed, it would mean that drivers in…

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State Farm Florida looks to raise rates on rental property policies

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Insurer confronted with criticism concerning rate increase proposal State Farm Florida Insurance is looking to raise rates on rental property premiums throughout the state, a fact that has been criticized by some Florida officials and consumer advocates. The rate increase would affect approximately 33,000 policies throughout Florida, including apartment buildings and homes that are rented out by landlords. State officials and consumers advocates are questioning the rationale behind the proposed rate increase because State Farm no longer writes new business in the state and has not done so for some…

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