Florida Leaders Champion Bill to Slash Homeowner Insurance Costs by 25%

florida homeowner insurance

Amid escalating homeowner insurance rates, a glimmer of hope emerges from South Florida as two political figures spearhead a legislative initiative aimed at significantly reducing these financial burdens on homeowners. The proposed congressional bill sets its sights on a 25% cut in property insurance costs nationwide, promising particularly dramatic relief for Floridian home and condo owners. The legislation, coined the Natural Disaster Reinsurance Plan, is championed by U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat from Coral Springs, and Steve Geller, a former Florida legislator and current Broward County commissioner. It boldly…

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President of Florida Association of Insurance Agents sees progress, but reform frustrations

Jeff Grady, the Florida Association of Insurance Agents president, has spoken about the successes and failures of the most recent legislative session now that has finished. Grady discussed the changes that were made within the legislative session under the new governor as well in conjunction with a House and Senate that both have a strong majority that is pro-business. The agenda was geared toward reforms in tort and property, as well as a high profile urging to revamp the no-fault auto law. That said, while there were some significant reforms…

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Florida’s Insurance Bills and Scott’s Tort Reform

In Florida it only seems normal for issues to be a constant battle of back and forth until the time begins to run out and everyone realizes its now or never when it comes to legislature and insurance issues. The property insurance bill has yet to be passed. As for the other insurance bill that is trying to be passed, which is nothing more than a collection of administrative and regulatory changes, is on its way to the governor. But, things don’t look to bright for 2011 in this case.…

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