Florida auto insurance costs more than coverage in most other states

Florida Auto Insurance

Research has shown that car coverage in the state costs up to 25 percent more than the U.S. average. According to newly released data from Insure.com, drivers in Florida are still facing very expensive auto insurance, to the point that they are paying up to 25 percent more than the average across the rest of the country. The report on the data analysis determined that Florida is the eighth most expensive state in the U.S. The average amount paid for auto insurance premiums in Florida was $1,654. When compared to…

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Florida homeowners insurance expensive despite decade without a hurricane

Florida Homeowners Insurance

The season for these major storms has now come to a close but rates still aren’t dropping. The official close to the hurricane season was on Monday, but even though there hasn’t been one that has struck Florida in ten years, homeowners insurance rates remain high and many are wondering why they aren’t falling due to the improvements in natural disaster damage. Insurance companies have stated that the reason doesn’t have to do with storm frequency as much as building cost. The price of building materials has been rising very…

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Homeowners insurance customers at Citizens to pay 6.3 percent more

homeowners insurance rates

A rate hike was just approved for the property coverage in Florida for the state backed insurer. Next year, homeowners insurance customers who remain with Citizens Property Insurance Corp. in Florida will see an average increase in their rates by 6.3 percent following the approval that was just received for the change. The Office of Insurance Regulation gave its approval of this rate, which was lower than the original request. The initial proposal for the homeowners insurance rate hike at Citizens had been 7.9 percent. The comparatively lower increase will…

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Homeowners insurance rates to be affected by hurricane season

homeowners insurance news florida

Property owners in Florida will be paying more for their coverage even though there haven’t been hurricanes in years. Despite the fact that Florida hasn’t been struck by a hurricane since 2005, the homeowners insurance rates are still on their way up as the season for these violent storms gets under way this year. In 2004 through 2005, the state was struck by eight different hurricanes, the last being Wilma. Hurricane Wilma slashed its way across the southern edge of the state and lead to billions of dollars in damage…

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Citizens Property Insurance gets approval for rate hikes

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Florida regulators approve rate increase proposal from Citizens Property Insurance Florida Businesses and homeowners can expect to see their insurance premiums jump by at least a double-digit sum early next year. Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance has been granted approval for a rate increase that will take effect January 1, 2013. The insurer’s rate proposal was approved by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation this week. Though there are roughly three months before the new rates take effect, policyholders are up in arms over the approval of the rate hike. Homeowners…

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