Homeowners insurance reforms needed in Florida, says Governor

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Gov. Scott and a panel of lawmakers have called for changes that will provide greater awareness. Governor Rick Scott, along with a number of lawmakers in Florida, have announced that they will be seeking to provide residents of the state with better education regarding the hidden costs linked with homeowners insurance and the “house of cards” that will collapse in the wake of a major storm. The governor spoke at a summit at Disney for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. He explained that solid efforts are required to make certain…

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Florida Catastrophe Fund may be out of money

Florida Catastrophe Fund Insurance News

Florida Catastrophe Fund facing serious financial troubles It is no secret that Florida is prone to hurricanes and flooding disasters. This is one of the reasons many property insurers have chosen not to offer coverage in some parts of the state. In 2010 and 2011, Florida was pummeled by powerful storms that caused widespread damage to homes and businesses. Because many insurers were not liable to pay claims associated with damage they do not cover, consumers had to turn to the Florida Catastrophe Fund. Now, information is coming to light…

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Citizens Insurance considers Manatee policy rate increases

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

This would mean higher premiums for approximately 1.5 million policyholders in Florida. The Citizens Insurance state run company in Florida is surrounded by controversy, while some feel that it is vital to the state and others are just waiting for the bottom to fall out. The company sells about 1,000 new policies every week, but may be headed toward financial ruin. Many experts are saying that though it is growing very rapidly, this massive insurer could face disaster if even a single major storm makes its way through the state,…

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State Farm pulls out of church market in Florida, as well as others

State Farm has announced that it will no longer be offering insurance coverage to churches in Florida. The company’s exit from the market leaves hundreds of churches throughout the state looking for new insurance companies. The move is part of the company’s desire to focus more on the property market in the state, a plan that sees the insurer pulling out of other markets in the coming years. The insurer has not released estimates of how many churches will be affected by the decision, but has said that at least…

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Chief of the Florida hurricane fund voices concerns regarding cash shortage

The chief operating officer of the hurricane fund in Florida, Jack Nicholson, has expressed serious concerns about the fund’s ability to assist insurance companies in paying for claims that have been made following major storms. Florida has been using the hurricane fund for almost two decades, since the time when the southern part of the state was devastated by Hurricane Andrew. Money from the fund is provided to insurance companies in order to assist them in paying off claims made by homeowners in the event of a hurricane – or…

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