Homeowners insurance gets the attention of new lawmakers in Florida

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Florida lawmakers aim to take action on homeowners insurance Lawmakers from Southern Florida are looking to make get their hands on a larger share of the state budget as well as put a stringent cap on homeowners insurance rates throughout the state. The state’s upcoming legislative session will prove to be very important for homeowners insurance in Florida, as lawmakers continue to work toward solutions concerning the problems with the state’s Citizens Property Insurance as well as fraud. The lawmakers from Southern Florida claim that they are working to address…

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Citizens Property Insurance continues to raise rates in Florida

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Florida homeowners insurance becoming more expensive due to Citizens Property Insurance Florida did not experience a calamitous storm throughout 2012. While the state did fall victim to some tropical storms, the damage caused by these events was modest when compared to that of Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, both of which caused serious problems along the East Coast. Despite the fact that the state seems to have skirted any major natural disaster, the cost of property insurance in Florida is on the rise, and Citizens Property Insurance may be the reason.…

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Homeowners insurance worries place significant strain on Floridians

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Residents of the state are more worried about coverage than taxes. The rising cost of homeowners insurance is an increasing political liability among lawmakers in Florida, as the results of a survey have now been released that shows that financial concerns over this coverage are now much greater than those regarding property taxes. The state’s residents have been seeing a tremendous spike in their coverage rates in recent years. The annual survey was performed by Leadership Florida, and its results were just released. They showed that 46 percent of people…

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Homeowners insurance on its way up yet again in Florida

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Three top insurers in the state are all primed to send rates skyward. Residents of Florida will need to dig a little deeper, yet again, as three major homeowners insurance companies are all seeking to raise their rates. Allstate, Universal Insurance Co. of North America, and State Farm are all aiming for higher prices. Allstate’s Florida subsidiaries are seeking increases in homeowners insurance rates by 21.9 percent and 32.7 percent across the state. Similarly, Universal is looking into an average statewide hike of 22 percent. State Farm is also planning…

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Florida legislation could move consumers from Citizens Property Insurance to more risk surplus lines.

It is no secret that the Florida Citizens Property Insurance group is under financial stress. The state-run insurance company has offered affordable insurance policies to Floridians for decades. This affordability has attracted thousands of consumers, making Citizens the largest insurer in the state, but it has also come at a cost. The insurer now has more policies than it can handle efficiently and is not generating enough revenue to continuing operating viably. State legislators have been working on a way to trim the number of policies covered by the company.…

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