Florida Senate gives the nod to homeowners insurance overhaul

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The changes will involve new lawsuit limits, among others to ease the burden to property owners. This week, the Florida Senate gave its approval to overhauling homeowners insurance in the state, targeting the areas causing property owners – and therefore insurers – the largest amount of pain. The industry in the state will be undergoing a number of critical changes to help lift it out of crisis. Among the changes to the homeowners insurance industry that received approval include a new limit on lawsuits. There are also changes designed to…

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Florida insurance market reaches crisis point with another insurer bankruptcy

Florida insurance - Bankruptcy Sign

As insurers rapidly depart the market, even recent legislation isn’t having a fast enough impact. The Florida insurance market for property coverage has been rapidly stumbling again following storms in recent years. As a result, the insurers that aren’t withdrawing are going bankrupt. FedNat is the latest of the insurers to cancel the homeowners’ policies it’s been selling in the state. Florida insurance has reached a desperate level. This latest withdrawal of FedNat will cancel another 68,200 policies in the state, following a massive trend of coverage cancellation there. Homeowners…

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Florida property insurance could get special legislative session

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Lawmakers are calling for the opportunity to work on this critical state in the issue. Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) has formally asked his colleagues to support the call he made to hold a special legislative session to focus on the Florida property insurance crisis. The state has been losing insurers as they withdraw or go into liquidation. “We can no longer wait on this issue,” said Brandes, who issued a “template letter” to his colleagues so those lawmakers could send it to the Department of State. The goal is…

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Homeowners insurance rates continue to grow in Florida

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Homeowners insurance rates growing in Florida despite lack of hurricanes Florida is notorious in the U.S. as being the target for hurricanes. The state is often considered one of the most active natural disaster zones, specifically in regards to hurricanes, in the country. This has made the state relatively unattractive to the homeowners insurance sector. Because the state as a whole is considered a high-risk market, homeowners insurance companies have been wary of doing businesses in many parts of the state, particularly those close to coastal regions. Florida has, however,…

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Homeowners insurance in Florida becomes more complicated due to spate of sinkholes

Florida Sinkhole Homeowners Insurance

Sinkholes causing problems for Florida’s homeowners insurance sector Early this week, a large sinkhole opened up in a neighborhood in the Tampa area of Florida. The sinkhole claimed the life of one man and destroyed that man’s house, as well as causing some damage to neighboring properties. Two days after this incident, another sinkhole opened up in the same area. These sinkholes have caused something of a panic for homeowners in Florida, many of whom do not have adequate coverage to cover the damage caused by sinkholes. Most homeowners insurance…

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