Florida homeowners insurance market draws concern after building collapse

Florida homeowners insurance - homes in Florida on coastline

Increasingly destructive hurricane seasons were already worrying insurers about the state’s coastlines. The Surfside collapse has killed at least 97 people as of the writing of this article and is now causing greater concerns over the Florida homeowners insurance market. The coastal community has already been facing rising pressure from climate change. Economists are now taking another look at the concerns growing in the Florida homeowners insurance market. They are now looking to parts of the United States that are reaching the point that they are too risky to insure…

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Florida catastrophe fund faces major financial deficit

Florida’s hurricane fund is facing a major financial shortfall, according to Jack Nicholson, chief operating officer of the fund. The fund, which was established in the wake of 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, provides money to insurance companies in order to help those displaced by natural disasters. Nicholson issued a warning to state legislators this week that noted that the fund faces a $3.2 billion deficit and will not be able to offer aid in the event of a major storm for the immediate future. This year, the fund has provided insurers…

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