Florida health insurance program drops nearly 2k dependents without authentication

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Governor Rick Scott has required that state employees provide more documentation to qualify for coverage. A $950,000 investigation into the Florida health insurance program has caused 1,825 dependents to lose their coverage. The audit required state employees to submit birth certificates in order to verify a child’s eligibility. Moreover marriages required an IRS tax return transcript for authentication. Nearly two thousand people have been taken off the state-employee health insurance program as a result. As workers failed to provide the necessary child birth certificates and tax documents, their dependents were…

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Florida faced with $300 million penalty from federal regulators

Florida health insurance

Florida runs afoul of regulators due to health insurance program The State of Florida has run afoul of federal insurance regulators and is facing serious penalties under the federal health care law. The state’s health insurance program for public workers is the subject of the problem. Those responsible for the health insurance program warned that Florida could be liable for penalties, and federal regulators have taken note of the issue. If the Florida Legislature does not take action within the next few months, the state may be forced to brace…

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Commercial health insurance enrollment dropping in Florida, claims annual report

The Florida Health Care Insurance Advisory Board has released its annual report on the rate of enrollment in the myriad of health insurance plans found throughout the state. The report shows that enrollment has fallen by 4.3% in 2010. This marks the fifth consecutive year that enrollment rates have fallen in the state, which means that more people are living without some kind of health insurance. The report makes note of the lingering economic turmoil that is left over from the 2008 recession and how that might be contributing to…

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Florida Health Choices program to launch July 2012

Florida legislators are looking to launch a new health care plan for small businesses in July 2012. The Florida Health Choices program, which was first built by lawmakers in 2008, aims to bring affordable health care policies to small businesses as an alternative to those offered by private insurance companies. The program has been in the development phase for several years partly because legislators want to make certain the program is being built correctly.  The Florida Health Choices board says that the program is as ready as it will ever…

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