Health insurance rate review in Florida may soon be suspended

Florida Health Insurance Rates

Proposal aims to address concerns regarding health insurance rate review Worries are high throughout the U.S. concerning the possibility of rising health insurance rates due to the Affordable Care Act. Throughout the country, several large insurance companies have warned that rates will grow exponentially next year, as the federal health care law becomes fully implemented. In Florida, these ominous warnings are being taken to heart, and lawmakers are now looking to the federal government for more direction concerning how to mitigate the potential rise in health insurance rates. Lawmakers back…

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Commercial health insurance enrollment dropping in Florida, claims annual report

The Florida Health Care Insurance Advisory Board has released its annual report on the rate of enrollment in the myriad of health insurance plans found throughout the state. The report shows that enrollment has fallen by 4.3% in 2010. This marks the fifth consecutive year that enrollment rates have fallen in the state, which means that more people are living without some kind of health insurance. The report makes note of the lingering economic turmoil that is left over from the 2008 recession and how that might be contributing to…

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