Is Florida also headed toward an auto insurance crisis?

Auto insurance - Crisis coming to Florida

The state is already teetering on the edge in its property coverage sector, but are vehicles next? Florida has long contended with challenges in its auto insurance industry due to the way the laws in the state open the door to fraud and widespread litigation, both of which are highly costly to insurers and, therefore, to drivers who must pay higher premiums every month. Among the issues driving this problem include the activities of certain glass repair shops and lawyers. A recent The Washington Post report has pointed to a…

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GEICO publishes tips for driving in heavy rain for Florida auto insurance customers

Driving in heavy rain - car driving in rain

Hurricane Elsa mainly spared the state, but heavy rain and high water still make roads dangerous. GEICO has published a list of tips for drivers in Florida and other states affected by hurricanes, to help them with driving in heavy rain while remaining safe. High water and flash flooding can rapidly become a high risk for people even when in their vehicles. Driving in heavy rain can be a daunting experience. When done improperly, it can also be a dangerous one. points out that it takes as little as…

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University of Miami summit highlights the increasing cost of auto insurance

A summit held at the University of Miami on the topic of insurance fraud provided those in attendance with the opportunity to exchange stories, request assistance, and talk about litigation that is directed at this rising issue. One of the favorite examples, which was shared by Mary Lathrop, a Florida Highway Patrol Captain, involved a fender bender in the south end of the state. One of the drivers noticed that there was one fewer people in the car when the accident occurred than there were when the police arrived on…

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Study shows that millions of Americans drive drunk each year

– Could spur new drunk driving and insurance laws in Florida. A new study from Online Auto Insurance, an insurance organization that conducts regular research on a variety of issues facing the insurance industry, shows that millions of U.S. motorists drive drunk every year. The study highlights the need for stricter laws regarding drunk driving and notes that the sheer number of people driving under the influence of alcohol may be driving up insurance prices. The study corroborates findings from a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and…

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