Florida children’s health insurance available to parents who lose their jobs

Florida children’s health insurance - family - health

The state is making coverage available to kids in families that have experienced layoffs. Florida children’s health insurance is being made available to families in which parents have lost their jobs and, therefore, their employer-based coverage. The state has created a program to assist families that have lost their jobs and the benefits that went with them. The Florida children’s health insurance program is called Florida Kidcare. Its purpose is to make medical and dental coverage affordable for families with kids and that lost their benefits due to layoffs. The…

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Research shows decrease in number of children without health insurance

The economy has placed a growing number of children into homes below the poverty line, but a recent study has shown that over the last three years, the number of children who are uninsured in terms of health coverage has actually dropped by 1 million. The study was performed by Georgetown University, which just released the results. Several states have widened and/or simplified their eligibility for the Medicaid program for children. That, alone, was responsible for providing 1 million uninsured children with coverage in 2008, decreasing the number from 6.9…

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