Is Florida also headed toward an auto insurance crisis?

Auto insurance - Crisis coming to Florida

The state is already teetering on the edge in its property coverage sector, but are vehicles next? Florida has long contended with challenges in its auto insurance industry due to the way the laws in the state open the door to fraud and widespread litigation, both of which are highly costly to insurers and, therefore, to drivers who must pay higher premiums every month. Among the issues driving this problem include the activities of certain glass repair shops and lawyers. A recent The Washington Post report has pointed to a…

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Florida Legislature may be looking to change how the state’s insurance industry works as fraud continues to grow unabated

According to experts, Florida’s auto insurance industry is currently facing the possibility of changes or the outright elimination to the no-fault system, which may provide drivers who are well-insured with an appealing decrease in premiums, but may also increase the price of basic policies. In Florida, drivers must have at least $10,000 in coverage for personal injury. However, Governor Rick Scott has stated that he would prefer to make this an optional protection. Personal injury protection (PIP) system critics are saying that scam artists are provided with incentive to stage…

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