Homeowners insurance concerns begin with late winter water issues

winter water homeowners insurance industry

As the season comes to a close, issues with water are starting to fall into the spotlight of the industry. Consumers are being advised to start looking at their home insurance coverage so that they know exactly what protection is available to them as the threat of water damage increases from a number of different sources as the late winter begins its onslaught. The late months of the season frequently bring a high risk of water damage along with them. While some of these water related perils are often covered…

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Flood insurance deal not reached between ABI and UK government

Flood Insurance

The Environment Secretary has expressed the “disappointment” that he feels at the failure to come together. Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary in the U.K. has revealed that he is feeling “disappointment” as a result of the failure of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the British government to reach a deal for a flood insurance program that would protect homes and businesses in high risk areas. The two organizations have been in talks over a new coverage strategy for many weeks as the deadline looms. The discussions have been with…

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