Flood insurance reforms may not be enough to satisfy homeowners in Georgia

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Legislation concerning flood protection may only be a short term solution Legislation meant to rollback the premium increases on policies from the National Flood Insurance Program was recently passed, but the matter of expensive insurance coverage is far from over in many states. The legislation was designed to provide homeowners with relief from insurance rates that were rising too quickly, but it may only be a temporary solution to a serious problem. Lawmakers in Georgia are looking into new solutions to the matter of flood insurance and what can be…

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Understanding flood insurance in the US

Flood homeowners Insurance Program

Flood protection is a problematic issue Flood insurance has become a strange subject in the U.S. Many homeowners are unaware of flood protection, but for those living in coastal regions of the country this protection is mandatory. Private insurers do not typically offer flood protection because of the costly nature of natural disasters and how often these disasters can cause floods in certain parts of the country. As such, the only place that most homeowners can find flood protection is through the National Flood Insurance Program. Receiving protection from this…

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Congress approves short-term National Flood Insurance Program fix

In Washington D.C., Congress has given the nod to an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), to maintain it until November 18, 2011, after having failed to pass a reforming bill for the program. It is hoped that this extension will provide enough time for a reported deal to close, which is supported by both parties. What this means to homeowners in any of the 20,000 communities that take part in the NFIP, is that if you will be purchasing a home or if you are attempting to…

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