New FEMA maps may lead to more flood insurance policy sales

Flood Insurance Policy Water

A higher number of homeowners may soon find themselves being required to purchase coverage. In Tennessee, many homeowners who have never had to purchase a flood insurance policy before might find that situation changing. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has updated its flood maps and in certain counties, this has meant considerable change. For instance, in Davidson county, Tennessee, over 4,400 properties are newly considered to be in high risk zones. This means that thousands of property owners are also finding themselves in need of a flood insurance policy…

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Flood insurance expenses cause real estate woes

flood insurance rates

New home purchases have been kicked down due to the suddenly higher premiums connected with coverage. Now that the flood insurance zoning maps have been changed by FEMA, even new home buyers who went to the effort to do their due diligence are finding that they are ending up with a losing deal. The risk zones have been changed and this is leading new home purchasers to face far higher expenses than expected. Individuals who have consulted the correct resources and who have found the designation of their homes according…

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Flood insurance costs compel homeowners to raise their homes

Flood homeowners Insurance Rates raising homes

The new maps that have been released by FEMA are placing pressure on policyholders through rising costs. Now that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released its new maps, many homeowners are finding that their flood insurance costs are high enough to have them pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise their homes to bring the premiums down. FEMA has rewritten the Louisiana flooding zone maps, requiring many to raise their homes. The increased risk of water damage has caused FEMA to have to change the rules when…

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Some Lafayette parish residents will see a lower flood insurance rate

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that some of the residents of Lafayette Parish and its incorporated parts will see a drop in their flood insurance premiums by up to 10 percent. The reason for the savings is that the Lafayette Consolidated Government is now taking an active role in the Community Rating System for the National Flood Insurance Program. This means that business and homeowners, as well as renters in Lafayette city and the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish may qualify for a decrease of between five and…

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FEMA to update flood maps for Florida by 2012 hurricane season

FEMA has begun updated its flood maps for the state of Florida and the new maps will be put into effect before the 2012 hurricane season. The maps determine what properties are at risk of flooding in the event of a natural disaster or severe storm. Insurers rely on these maps and the risk they place on certain regions to price insurance coverage. Typically, areas that are classified as high risk are required to have some form of flood insurance protection. Collier County will have the most drastic change next…

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